Successful Training at the Haiti Clinic

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Thank you to all the donors!!! Jinpa has returned from Haiti after a very successful training for the clinic staff.

In November the island experienced the worst phase of politically-motivated street violence ever, because of which the tiny island country made world headlines for one sad day. Gang violence has also become extreme – until now, shootings never took place before all children were in school, but since Jinpa returned, even children on their way to school are being shot dead.

Anti-corruption protests in Haiti

A Dangerous Journey

The car that picked up Jinpa at the airport broke down at the very crossroads most dreaded for daily shootings, in a spot between ocean and high mountains where everyone has to pass. They spent a few harrowing moments waiting to get shot at any moment, when miraculously a rich man in a jeep stopped to pick him and Camio up – a crazily dangerous thing to do in such a spot. The stranger told them he had heard a voice in his head telling him God wanted him to pick up those people and bring them to safety, as he dropped them at the clinic gate.

After Jinpa’s departure, the situation degraded further and the clinic had to stay closed for two weeks due to the riots. This was the first time the political violence also reached the neighborhood where the clinic is. It is open again now. Meanwhile, some senators have been arrested for paying people to start violent rioting in otherwise peaceful demonstrations. 

Jinpa reports “My experience of going to Haiti, my home country, was very different this year. I would not encourage others to do this, but I can now understand people who talk about how special it feels when you risk your life to go and help others.” Thank you for everyone’s prayers to keep him safe!

Training Holistic Healers

Marie-Lucie learning to use the iPad and materia medica.

Jinpa supervised Camio and Marie-Lucie at work, as planned. This proved extremely fruitful, as he was able to spot their weaknesses and teach them new special skills. Thanks to some of you donating used laptops and iPads, Jinpa was able to set them each up with a laptop containing all the training videos we have done thus far (thanks to Kaia for compressing them!). They had great difficulties watching them on YouTube before, because this cost so much (data to watch videos on a smartphone) and because of electricity constantly breaking down. Now they can reload the computers from the solar panel and slowly study all the videos independently of the internet, taking notes and asking questions. This will save the clinic about USD $250 a year, which now can go to medicines.

The Miracle of True Holistic Case Taking

Jinpa also brought them a homeopathic materia medica and a repertory, and he trained them how to look up and study individual remedies as well as highly specific symptom pictures. This greatly helped them understand holistic case-taking and individualizing the cases, causing a true quantum leap in their understanding. “Wow, now we really understand what homeopathy and holistic healing is!” they said.

Jinpa showed them how to apply this to the case-taking interviews. One of the patients was a 45 year-old ex-military. He complained about pain from kidney stones, gassiness, and shoulder pain from right to left. Not surprisingly, Camio and Marie-Lucie thought of Lycopodium (Club Moss) which covers those symptoms, but Jinpa encouraged them to look deeper. Teaching them to ask what makes the symptoms worse and what better, checking for desires and aversion etc., they discovered that he could not stand a tight collar around his neck. This is a red flag sign for another remedy, Lachesis, and Jinpa taught them to ask confirming questions “Do you ever feel jealous?” in this case.

To Marie-Lucie’s and Camio’s great surprise, the man answered “OK, forget about all those other pains. They are annoying, but jealousy is the worst of all of my troubles – I am jealous of everyone for everything, so bad that my wife is about to divorce me for that! Drop everything else, just please give me a medicine for jealousy if you have!” This was a perfect teaching example for the remedy (Lachesis) not only to match some, but all of the physical symptoms and also totally match his mental state. The man received a single dose of the remedy and came back a few days later, reporting that all of his pain was gone and that he had passed the kidney stones, something a well-chosen remedy will bring about. Most importantly, his jealousy was also greatly diminished.

Miraculous Essential Oils

Donations arrive at the clinic.

What’s interesting for the practitioner in Haiti is the severity of cases, because most people do not have the money to see a doctor or have surgery. Here are a few things we learned. We had already seen that diluted Yarrow essential oil works miracles for vaginal infections so bad that the discharge is blood-stained. Now we discovered that uterine fibroids (fibroid tumors) can be healed by external application of diluted Yarrow essential oil (about 1%, applied twice or three times a day on the spot where the belly bulges). Thank you so much to Atanas Krachmarov of Ecomaat in Bulgaria for this very precious donation!

US herbalists know to use yarrow tea, tincture or sitz bath for fibroids. The application of the essential oil will bring on the missing period flow, so the body can bleed out the tumor.  Just in case you are wondering, a lot of these women come to the clinic with a “uterine fibroma” diagnosis from the doctor, and they are asking for a palliative treatment for the secondary problems only. The complete cure of the fibroids comes as a great surprise. The bottle Yarrow oil is now reserved for those extreme cases!

Another case is that of a 36 year-old woman who had seen multiple doctors in vain for the extremely bad stench of her period flow. It was so bad, she explained, that as soon as her blood came, everyone else had to flee from the house. This had gone on for 20 years and greatly impacted her social situation. At a loss for what to do, Camio gave her our tried-and-true diluted Tea Tree/Lavender essential oil (one drop in water for a vaginal wash). One week later, the lady returned to the clinic, crying with gratitude, because she was entirely healed. We assume the stink was caused by a bad vaginal infection.

Patient register

We are presently looking for a donation of oil of Palmarosa and Patchouli for skin infections, which are the only oils effective for a severe condition locally called “leprosy,” which forces people to live in colonies separate from others. It is not what we call leprosy and we are trying to figure out the medical name of this disease, which includes pus oozing out from the pores. Please contact us if you have some of these oils to spare!

Holistic Medicine Heals more than One Condition 

We see it confirmed daily that not only do natural remedies not cause side-effects if used correctly, they heal more than one condition at a time. For instance, the very bitter Wormwood tea given to children not only expels worms, but also stops their hair loss and helps regrow hair. Marie-Lucie tells us they now give Wormwood tea whenever a child has hair loss even if there are no typical worm symptoms, and it will cure the hair loss. We think this is, because Wormwood dispels obvious or hidden worms, which interfere with appetite and cause insufficient absorption of nutrients, which can lead to hair loss. Wormwood tea also strengthens the digestive mucosa against all kinds of parasites and increases its ability for nutrient absorption, all of which would help healthy hair growth.

Healing Damage from Hormone Therapy

A lot of women in Haiti become infertile from the expensive birth control shots with artificial hormones. These shots are supposed to protect from unwanted pregnancy for three months at a time. As with the traditional “pill”, their period does not always return when they stop the treatment, often for years. We confirmed countless times that a single dose of Pulsatilla or Sepia 30 C well-matched to the case brings back the bleeding within three days.

We are happy that despite all the danger, this was a very successful trip, and that the clinic has reached the state we wanted it to reach: thanks to all of your contributions, the Haitian practitioners are well-trained and independent, doing excellent work! 

Much love from Jinpa, Julia, and Michelle

And a huge thanks again to all the donors who have made this year’s clinic a success!

  • Ven. Irene Turner
  • April Eya of Hahnemann Labs in California
  • Karen Williams of Aromatics International
  • Michael Friedman of Restorative Medicine
  • Atanas Krachmarov of Ecomaat, Bulgaria
  • Anna Doxie of the Institute of Holistic Phyto-Aromatherapy
  • Julie Duffy of Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • John Schlottig and Hyland’s Homeopathics
  • Solar Energy International (SEI)
  • The students at Thupten Jinpa’s fundraising retreat, Thupten Puntsok, Sandra Lory and friends, Megan Mook, Leigh Warre, Michelle LaDue, Heidi Whooler, Ben Parker, Inaya Ahmed, Ileana Diaz, Paul Green, Tracy Chiu, Lucienne Villeneuve, Noga Shefi, Eugene Massey, Ani Tenzin Palmo, Kaia Fischer, Ben Parker,  Laressa Dickey, Nancy Allen, Gary Schwartz, Michael Royall, Fusae Noda, Andrea Lemon, Sheila Hollister, Lauren Holloway Digital LLC, Anupama Kulkarni,   Kelsey Reinke, Paul Kite , Ven. Robina Courtin, Paula Dear, Amy Hosig, Ann Tracy, Maria Cutrona, and anyone else who escaped.

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