Clinic on the Run

by | Jan 19, 2024 | News

In Bad Shape

Haiti is in such bad condition due to the gang violence which caused thousands of deaths, the United Nations decided to send a contingent of peace keeping Blue Helmets under the guidance of Kenya. There have been 25 massacres since 2018 alone. There is no working parliament, police force, nor justice system, no garbage removal, rarely electricity. While the Kenyan Blue Helmets received a paramilitary training to prepare them for their task in Haiti, it is very uncertain as to whether or not they can withstand the gangs. 

The people of Haiti need your help now more than ever! Please send a donation to keep our free clinic open! The button is in the upper right hand corner!  

Right now, 90 % of the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince is controlled by about 200 different gangs. They shoot, kill, loot, take over or burn down houses, kidnap and rape. There are an estimated 130 000 displaced people fleeing gang violence in Port-au-Prince area, 5000 in the Carrefour Feuille neighbourhood of our clinic alone. The few underpaid policemen who lack the most basic equipment cannot protect the people and tell them to flee from the gang incursions. Many poor children and adolescents are homeless and maybe without parents, they have no prospects at all. Many are recruited into the gangs by force, where they are trained to use army style rifles. 

By Force of Miracle

Against this insane backdrop, the latest donations all reached the clinic as if by force of miracle – through the closed down port, despite the ever-present shoot-outs, despite the airport under fire. Our shipper, Rozo junior, is our absolute super-hero for somehow always finding a way through the jungle and get the boxes there safely! 

A miracle! The boxes arrived!

Shootings Day and Night

Camio is desperate. She loves the clinic more than anything in her life, because healing others is so meaningful to her. She is crying as she says ‘I do not want to leave! But I have to if I want to not get shot.’ While Camio had her passport and waited for Irnst to receive his, even charter planes could no longer land without being shot down. She now has to flee via land, via the Dominican Republic and fly to Venezuela from there. Irnst still cannot  receive his passport because everything is so upside down in the country.


At the clinic, staff has gone unscathed up to know, although the constant shooting and kidnaping-for-profit has engulfed the formerly quiet neighbourhood. Camio says that often, there are knocks and screams on her door at night – so far thankfully no one has broken it down. We wrote a newsletter end of November 2023, but before we could even post it, things degraded further, with constant shooting audible in the background of the phone conversations. 

Clinic on the Run

This clinic has to gone through so many changes of location since 2010, it is like a chameleon. If you feel that we just said it had a new location – well – it will have a new location yet again. To escape violence, we transport the supplies from place to place, wherever a part of the neighbourhood is still less violent or the supplies are more secure.

Moving yet again – this was not what we meant by founding a ‘mobile clinic’!

The Clinic will Stay Open

The two clinic helpers will stay behind and keep the clinic running giving out aromatherapy preparations, nutritional supplements and herbs, as well as a few basic homeopathic remedies. Once the clinic has undergone this next chameleon transformation, Jinpa will try to teach the helpers more skills via the phone. 

Things are very volatile in Haiti right now and may change as you read this. People have taken the streets (January 18, 2024) and are rioting. 

Please send your prayers along with your donations! 

Love from Julia, Jinpa and Michelle

Many thanks to our latest donors! 

Rosemary Gladstar of Sage Mountain, Phyllis Light, Paul Kempisty of Peekays Herbs, Tessie, Lora Cantele, Lili Chopra, Martin Hancock (UK), Melani Kovač, Susan Altabet, Michaël Friedman of Restorative Medicine, Louisa Putnam, Living Essence Studio  

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