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About the clinic…

The Haiti Naturopathic Clinic was founded in response to the devastating earthquake in 2010, first as a mobile clinic offering free natural healing to thousands of destitute people. The clinic has since become stationary, offering free treatment with herbs, essential oils and homeopathy to about 10 000 impoverished people of the suburbs of Port-au-Prince every year. Since medical care is expensive in Haiti, for most, this is their only access to treatme. Half of the patients are children. More…

Latest updates…

Clinic on the Run

In Bad Shape Haiti is in such bad condition due to the gang violence which caused thousands of deaths, the United Nations decided to send a contingent of peace keeping Blue Helmets under the guidance of Kenya. There have been 25 massacres since 2018 alone. There is no...

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Clinic Supplies Arrive through Total Blockage

Dear Friends, We shipped a box of supplies to Haiti in November 2022. It usually takes two months to arrive in Haiti. We then heard that the port of Port-au-Prince, the only Haitian sea port, was closed down completely. No goods were going in or out due to the violent...

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Clinic like on a Sinking Ship

Dear friends, the situation in Haiti is so desperate, it is like a sinking ship with everyone struggling to escape. It is said that rich people finance the heavily armed rivalling gangs. No ordinary person in Haiti can afford such sophisticated weaponry, so it is...

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Can we learn from the clinic in Haiti?

We are approaching the first anniversary of the assassination of the last Haitian president, probably killed because he refused to quit his post after his term was over. Since then, there have not been proper elections, and everyday life  continues to be ruled by...

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The gang warlord called 'Barbecue'

Haiti Clinic Bigger and Better than Before

Dear friends, thank you all for responding so generously to our last call for donations! We have worked hard since. While the ever-present violence made outreach to the earthquake survivors difficult, we now have a new permanent clinic location plus mobile outreach...

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Haiti Devastated by New Earthquake 

Dear friends, With our fundraising in full swing, thank you all so much for a quick and generous response to our call for help for the Haiti clinic! When the news of the earthquake reached us, we did not even have time to put out a formal request for help when many of...

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Emergency Call from Haiti

Dear friends, the Haitian president Moïse has been murdered after leading the country into totalitarianism and chaos, never showing any concern for the great number of people randomly kidnapped and killed every single day. Haiti is the poorest country in the Americas....

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We finally have an herb garden!

Dear Friends, Our little clinic is still running, despite all the odds, continually adapting to new challenges. It has by now rendered free service under dangerous conditions to over 90 000 desperately poor people, who otherwise have no access to healthcare.  The...

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In Times of Corona

Dear Friends, Our big news is that we have a new beautiful website! Thanks to Buddhist nun Ven. Robina Courtin, you will receive our annual newsletter from now on through: Thank you all for your continued support for our little clinic, which to...

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Our sponsors…

Our Sponsors

Countless people gave us small or big monetary donations or remedies or other goods to make this happen.


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