When she came back the following week, she was able to tell us her story and begin to recover from the trauma.

Girl’s Lost Ability to Speak Recovered

A seven-year-old girl came to the clinic. She had lost her ability to speak at the age of 4 and her mother had brought her to every imaginable doctor and specialist. None of them could find anything and her mouth and tongue as well as her intelligence were completely normal. Camio was puzzled and asked the mother if the girl ever fell on her head? She did indeed fall severely onto her head twice at age 4, before loosing her ability to speak. She received homeopathic Arnica 1 M for old head trauma (Arnica resolves old hemorrhages and swellings due to trauma), three doses one month apart. After the treatment was complete, the girl started speaking again. The main treating physician was shocked. He keeps calling the mother about once a month to ask if the girl is still able to speak?!?, because in his medical view, there is no explanation and he cannot understand her recovery. Once again, the natural treatments we offer at the clinic gave a child its life back, which is always what makes us happiest!


A few vignettes from the clinic:

A 25-year-old woman who had lost two children in the earthquake came back after having received the post trauma stabilizer spray. She had used up the whole bottle in a few days, because she found that whenever she awoke at night with heart palpitations, using the spray calmed her down and allowed her to go back to sleep. She was asking for more of the spray.

An eight-year-old mentally handicapped girl had fallen off of the third floor head first during the earthquake. I treated her homeopathically with arnica and natrium sulph. for the head trauma. Right after the first dose, she was not able to tolerate the touch of the bone setter. When she returned a few days later, she had a fever for which I gave her a remedy, and at that time she was able to let the bonesetter adjust her cranium, jaw and cervical vertebrae. He also told the mother an herbal treatment for the condition.


A little girl of maybe six years, beautiful with her braided hair and black, crystal clear eyes that were gazing down sat next to me. I asked, “What do you want?” She said that her blood was itching her inside her veins (a common Haitian stress symptom). I gave her the dose of Rescue drops we gave to everyone. She lifted her eyes and looked straight at me, freezing completely. I felt that she was reliving a trauma, so I sprayed her with post trauma spray. Then she started blinking her eyes again. I then gave her a bottle of Rescue Remedy, which she held tightly in her hand to her heart. She looked straight into my eyes and said: “I lost my father and mother in the earthquake. They were crushed to death in front of my eyes.” Holding the bottle to her heart, she smiled and said, “Are you done with me, doctor?” and jumped up from the seat. It is as if in receiving the bottle, she got her parents back.


Jinpa administering homeopathic pills

A boy had been hit on the head by a falling piece of wall during the earthquake. It had ripped off the skin off of his skull so it hung down the side. When he came to our clinic, a doctor had sewed the skin back on and the wound had healed. However, his vision was disturbed, he was in constant pain, and he could not eat because he could not open his jaw. I treated him with homeopathic arnica, calendula for the scar which was pulling hard, and nat. sulph, for the head trauma. We gave him Snapdragon flower essence in stock to apply to his jaw. Already as he was waiting for the bone-setter to adjust his skull and neck, he was able to open his jaw wider with less pain due to the Snapdragon. When we saw him again a few days later, he was no longer depressed, but upbeat, smiling, and feeling much better.

A three-year-old girl had been buried in the rubble of her house by the earthquake, which also killed her 15-year-old sister. When we first saw her, she was depressed and very serious. Not knowing her story, we gave her only one dose of Five Flower Formula and one application of Post Trauma Stabilizer. This made her smile and play again. When she told us her story a few days later, I noticed that her heart was beating extremely hard and fast, as if it was going to explode. Not only was her heart stuck in the moment of trauma, but her father told us that several times every day she kept retelling him the story of when the house fell down over her. I gave her Benediction oil to put on her heart, and post-trauma drops. I also gave post-trauma drops to her father, who was still extremely stressed from those three days of digging through the rubble in order to find his little girl. Like most people, he told me that not much had happened to him during the earthquake, and he only revealed his story when asked directly.


A 110-year-old lady came to the clinic, lamenting and moaning. She had lost four children in the earthquake. I gave her one dose of chamomile for the grief, and her voice switched instantly to a lower, more steady and normal pitch. She was then able to coherently tell us her physical symptoms, for which we provided her with the necessary.

A 40-year-old heavyset woman came to the clinic. She had asthma since the earthquake, as well as great difficulty walking due to the shock. The remedies we gave helped her walk by the next day, and her asthma was cured. She told us she is praying to Jesus every day to thank him for having sent us.


Julia with patient

An elderly lady was unable to walk since the earthquake due to the shock. Two people carried her to the clinic. Arnica and an essential oil rub with a very gentle massage made her walk again, and she told Pierro that she was convinced that God sent us to Haiti just to help her. When she came back to the clinic, she walked in by herself asked for medicine for an upset stomach.

An eight-year-old boy came and complained of eye pain since the earthquake. I asked him what he had seen. He said, “That is hard to express.” When I asked whether any of his family members had perished, he told me that his brother had died. Natrium mur. cured his painful, tearing eyes. (A lot of people had eye pain or eye problems since the earthquake, a typical psychosomatic condition from seeing such horror.)


Jinpa treating a little girl

A six-year-old girl had lost both parents in the earthquake. She was completely depressed. She received flower essences for the grief, and found her joyful spirit again.

A young man who had spent many days searching through rubble for survivors and dead bodies was haunted by nightmares and waking hallucinations of the dead haunting him. A flower essence combination of Angelica, Black Cohosh, Red and White Chestnut and St John’s Wort and prayers helped him leave the haunting images behind.

A two-year-old girl whose house had collapsed had persistent insomnia. Within a few moments of ayurvedic massage she fell asleep. The same was true of a very elderly lady.


Lisa massaging a woman’s hand

A young man stood in line for four hours, giving priority to the children and elderly. After that time, he started screaming “I have a strong headache that is getting stronger all the time, because I am standing here under the beating sun! Please help!” He had had a chronic headache since the earthquake. With my long arms I intuitively grabbed a Rescue Remedy and dropped it into his mouth, along with some Belladonna, and two drops of Lavender around his nose and temples. He said “My God, my God, the headache is gone! It is unbelievable!”

A voice comes from the end of the block: “Doctor, doctor, give me that remedy again, my mother can walk again!” A man asked,“Which doctor are you talking about?” The woman said, “The man in red, he is a real doctor, he made my mother walk again – please give me some more of that oil!”

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