Countless people gave us small or big monetary donations or remedies or other goods to make this happen.

Our clinic is a true grassroots community effort. Since 2010, countless people, stores, enterprises and manufactures have made large and small contributions, in name or anonymously, in cash, help or in kind. All of this has made the clinic what it is: an indispensible source of health care for the equally countless disenfrachised Haitians. It is outside of the scope of this page to list all who contributed. We adopted the format of listing their names in the email newsletter following their donation. Those lists have not been preserved in the newsletters posted on this website.


Here are our greatest supporters in alphabetical order:

Aromatherapy companies – Aromatics International, Circle H Institute, 21 Drops, Levensboom NL, Lora Cantele (International Journal of Professional Holistic Aromatherapy Oshadi UK and Oshadhi Spain

Flower Essence companies – Flower Essence Services, Sun Essences UK

Herbal companies and stores – Flower Power herb store in NYC, DHN Drei Hunde Nacht, JAO, Jewelweed herb store, Restaurative Medicine, Woodland Essences, Zack Wood Herbs

Homeopathic companies – Ainsworths, Boiron, Hahnemann Laboratories, Hyland’s, Pharmacie Marliangeas

Individual sponsorsLili Chopra and family, Ven. Robina Courtin, Kaia Fischer, Michael Friedman and family, Irmtraut Hoffmann, Neil Jacobs and Sandra Kong, Suzanne Kennedy, David Newman for vitamins, Leigh Rouse and ERO Charitable Foundation, Ven. Irene Turner, meditation students of Ven. Thupten Jinpa, Thupten Puntsok and Megan Mook, patients of Michelle LaDue, herb students of Julia Graves

Thank you all! Without you, this incredible clinic would not have been possible.

    Support the Clinic

    Please help the clinic, run by our Haitian friends, continue to serve thousands of destitute people. No gift is too small, no good wish unappreciated.