Can we learn from the clinic in Haiti?

by | Jun 30, 2022 | Story

We are approaching the first anniversary of the assassination of the last Haitian president, probably killed because he refused to quit his post after his term was over. Since then, there have not been proper elections, and everyday life  continues to be ruled by militant gangs in Haiti. The clinic is open every weekday now, with the three practitioners taking turns in attendance. Irnst still take the team still heads out on Sundays to different rural churches to treat the churchgoers for free. Covid is still not much of a problem in Haiti, whereas gang violence is. While the clinic continues to help the poor, we are having increasing trouble in directing the clinic from so far away. Our future vision is for Jinpa and Michelle to trainJosephine, our young nurse, via video conferences to offer free homeopathy training to the local midwives. This would use her nursing skills more fully. The training would be covering remedies pertinent to natural pregnancy, delivery and birth, trying to prevent deaths from complications such as post-natal haemorrhaging.

Please find attached a long and detailed interview Can we learn from Haiti? about the clinic by Ariane Eroy for an international aid magazine which gives a good insight into the work we are doing. 

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Josephine seeing patients during an outreach clinic using the donated items 

Thanks to our latest donors, Ver. Robina Courtin and Anita James, for their kind contributions

Interview with Julia Graves and Thupten Jinpa

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