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About the clinic…

The Haiti Naturopathic Clinic was founded in response to the devastating earthquake in 2010, first as a mobile clinic offering free natural healing to thousands of destitute people. The clinic has since become stationary, offering free treatment with herbs, essential oils and homeopathy to about 10 000 impoverished people of the suburbs of Port-au-Prince every year. Since medical care is expensive in Haiti, for most, this is their only access to treatme. Half of the patients are children. More…

Latest updates…

The Fourth Trip

To our great surprise and joy, due to last minute changes we were able to offer free treatment to 3,000 people instead of the projected 1,000, bringing the total number of people we've treated to a mind-boggling 12,000! We all stand in awe of how powerful such a...

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Our Third Trip

The third trip was, as always, overwhelmingly successful, busy, and heartwarming. Here is a report on what we did: As before, we took the clinic in the Jeep to several places, most of them places we had been to before. We thus encountered a good number of return...

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The Second Trip

On our second trip to Haiti, in September 2010, we (five lady herbalists and one man) found Haiti somewhat cleaned up, with the worst of rubble having been removed from the streets and some businesses having started up again, but the general situation is still far...

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A Letter from Jinpa

June 24, 2010 Dear friends, Still touched from the outpouring of love and compassion that enabled us to run the first Naturopathic Earthquake Victim Relief Clinic in Haiti, I have since been asked over and over again "So — when are you going back?", and "So — did you...

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Wish list

Essential Oils

Since essential oils are antiseptic and prevent the spread of epidemics, and mixed into local corn oil as a carrier go a long way, all medicinal essential oils are useful. The ones we used more than any other were Lavender and Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia, also called Ti-Tree) followed by Pine, Thyme and Rosemary.

We used Lemongrass and Geranium to keep mosquitoes off of babies.


The most needed remedies were Arnica, Arsenicum, Belladonna, Drosea, Pulsatilla, Nat. mur., and Phosphorus followed by Chamomile, Sulphur, Urtica ur., and Euphrasia.

The complete list of useful remedies is:

Arnica, Aconite, Arsenicum, Belladonna, Calendula (granules, tincture and ointment), Calcera carb. (lots of children eating soil), Chamomile, China, Cimicifuga, Eupatorium perf., Euphrasia, Drosea, Ferr. phos., Hepar sulph, Hypericum, Ipecac, Kali bic., Lobelia (low dose), Mag. Phos, Medorrhinum, Mercurius, Nat mur, Nat sulph, Nux vom., Lycopodium, Pulsatilla, Psorinum, Rhus tox, Ruta, Silica, Sepia, Staphysagria, Sulphur, Syphilinum, Thuja, Tuberculinum, Urtica ur., Zincum

Herbs and Herbal Tinctures

While it is hard to take herbal tinctures due to their weight and size, these were our “best friends”: Arnica, Calendula, Coptis (Goldenthread), Goldenseal, Spilanthes Usnea compound, Lobelia, Wormwood. As loose teas, we used lot’s of wormwood +++++, sage +++, rosemary +++, chamomile ++, and valerian ++. We would like to include Calendua and Arnica as loose tea for poultices.

Flower Essences

We can never have enough Rescue Remedy or Five Flower Formula, as well as Benediction oil. The Flourish Formulas called Post Trauma Stabilizer, Fearless, and Grief Relief were equally invaluable. Of single essences, we used especially Aspen, Mimulus, Red Chestnut, Snapdragon and Evening Primrose.

Cupping Glasses

The Chinese-style plastic cupping glasses were most useful in quickly treating many people. We would like to buy two more cases.

Chinese Massage Oil

The Chinese I-U oil was highly appreciated by the bone-setter. We would like to bring more.

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Our sponsors…

Our Sponsors

Countless people gave us small or big monetary donations or remedies or other goods to make this happen.


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