Clinic Supplies Arrive through Total Blockage

by | Jul 2, 2023 | News

Dear Friends,

We shipped a box of supplies to Haiti in November 2022. It usually takes two months to arrive in Haiti. We then heard that the port of Port-au-Prince, the only Haitian sea port, was closed down completely. No goods were going in or out due to the violent power fights between the war lords which reign over the island. Containers were held at the port for weeks, then months, and we finally lost all hope that the box would ever get through.

Then suddenly, we received a text message from Camio at the clinic saying ‘Thank you so much for all the goodies and the herbs and essential oils!’ We could not believe it! We ship with a private father and son enterprise called Rozo (Roseau), who are Haitians from Brooklyn. They usually fly to Port-au-Prince when the container arrives and make sure all boxes get to where they were sent. We never imagined that anyone in their right mind would fly to Haiti given the degree of random violence. But somehow, Rozo junior knew through his contacts when there was a tiny window of opportunity to pay off the gangsters to let the box pass. So he arrived at the clinic in Côte Plage area, which is mostly cut off from the rest of Port-au-Prince by gang control posts. Camio related that he had had to pay off the gangsters twice to reach her. It is expensive to ship to Haiti. But we are so grateful to Rozo and his network to manage the unthinkable. Hurray for Rozo! 

The clinic is generally open as always, and patients come whenever there are no shootings. This week, a summer flue is going around and the clinic was packed.

Here is a case history – a 8 months old girl came to the clinic with a severe case of torticolis. Her neck was so severely pulled over to the side that it was pulled into place by a bandage. Furthermore, she was depressed, listless, and gassy. We prescribed homeopathic Calcera carbonica 30 C, since the mother was still breastfeeding 3 doses one day apart for mother and child. One month later, the girl is happy, has no more digestive issues and most of all, her neck is straight now, with only 5 % left.

Mother showing the bandage around the girl’s neck

We are so grateful for the latest donations of essential oils, empty bottles, and herbs – please continue to send us donations, we will do all we can to make them reach the clinic in an attempt to defy the civil war. Please continue to support the clinic!

Love from Michelle, Jinpa and Julia

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