Clinic like on a Sinking Ship

by | Dec 27, 2022 | News

Dear friends,

the situation in Haiti is so desperate, it is like a sinking ship with everyone struggling to escape. It is said that rich people finance the heavily armed rivalling gangs. No ordinary person in Haiti can afford such sophisticated weaponry, so it is thought that the rich arm the gangs to profit from the serial kidnapping for ransom.

Walled Off 

The economically much better off touristic Dominican Republic on the other half of the same island has long been the promised land for Haitians to find income. Most of them work severely underpaid as illegal workers in construction and agriculture. The Dominican Republic is currently constructing a guarded border wall to stop the desperate migrant workers. In this dark hour, our clinic nurse Josephine has left the country for a better life somewhere in Latin America. Inflation is soaring, so the landlord raised the clinic’s rent threefold, and we had to move the clinic into a cheap room next to Camio’s apartment. Against all odds, the clinic is still seeing poor people for free.

Dominican soldiers guard the new border wall

Thanks to your kindness, we keep receiving donations and supplies which keep the clinic afloat. While ports in Haiti are closed and no goods can enter, we ship with a man who knows all the customs officials and pays bribes to get our boxes through. So the precious goods and the much anticipated dried poke root are presently making their way through the ‘jungle’ at Port-au-Prince!

Making the Best of a Desperate Situation

Camio now runs the new small clinic, which is nicely set up. The clinic treats about 200 to 250 people per month. Irnst continues to take her to churches in the countryside every second Sunday for a mobile outreach clinic. The pastors and congregations are extremely grateful for the free health care and eager for the mobile clinic to return. The people also learn about the permanent clinic  location and safety permitting come back for further treatment.

The new clinic room

Jinpa has provided continuous education for the clinic staff. At least once a month, he sits down with Camio via WhatsApp to help her take a difficult case live and find the right remedy. He is teaching her how to ask questions to differentiate between conditions and remedies. The last case was a lady with a bad ulcer on her leg. although she was not known to have diabetes.

Supplies at the Clinic

Let’s rejoice in whatever solace. our little clinic can give!

With love to all from Michelle, Jinpa and Julia

With great thanks to our latest sponsors

Ven. Robina Courtin, Deb Soule and Avena Bontaicals, Anita James, Barbara Lawrence, Andrea Lemon and whoever else’s name has not reached me in time

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Please help the clinic, run by our Haitian friends, continue to serve thousands of destitute people. No gift is too small, no good wish unappreciated.